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Winston Churchill Poster 2

Winston Churchill Poster 2

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A2 Winston Churchill humour Poster 2

This Winston Churchill humour poster is an illustrated quote from the great man. The quote is:- “Sir, you are drunk” and WC’s reply “Madam, you are ugly”. The lady replies “Sir, you are drunk” and WC’s second reply “But madam, in the morning I will be sober.” The lady illustrated is reputed to be Lady Astor, although this is not a likeness of her. This is beautifully illustrated in black pen and ink cross hatch by the illustrator Paul Gurney.

Brilliant wit and sense of humour

Winston Churchill is well know for his very clever wit and brilliant sense of humour. This is an excellent representation of those moments we would all have like to have been there to see. This is one of two A2 posters illustrated by Paul Gurney for sale on this shop only.

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